Want to row in VR but aren’t sure how to even begin setting everything up?

No worries – we got you covered!

To begin with, check whether your rowing machine is compatible.

Compatible rowing machines

Here is a list of compatible rowing machines:

  • Concept 2 PM5
  • WaterRower with SmartRow or ComModule add-on
  • Stairmaster HIIT rower
  • TechnoGym SkillRow
  • Domyos 500 rower

Connecting HOLOFIT to a compatible machine

HOLOFIT connects to your rowing machine over Bluetooth. We’ll take you through it.

Prior to getting into HOLOFIT, make sure to activate Bluetooth on your rower. Depending on the machine, it might go to sleep mode after some inactivity so double check that it’s active when you try to connect.?

Most of these rowers will have a Bluetooth button. On the Concept 2, it’s the “Connect” button on the PM5.


Once you open HOLOFIT, you can access the Bluetooth settings by selecting the Settings icon at the bottom of the main menu, and then selecting the Equipment option.?


In the list on the right, you’ll find your rowing machine. Select it to pair with HOLOFIT. Next time when you start HOLOFIT, your machine should connect automatically, just make sure to always activate its Bluetooth before use.

Incompatible rowing machines

In case your rowing machine is not on the list above, it is incompatible.

No worries! You can still use HOLOFIT on incompatible machines in the Freestyle mode, which is only available on the Oculus Quest.

Freestyle mode works by tracking the Quest controllers. It’s meant for use via bodyweight exercises without a fitness machine, but the rowing mode can be used on top of rowing machines.?

After installing HOLOFIT on your headset, simply start it, select the settings icon at the bottom of the main menu, and select the “Controllers” option.?

Freestyle mode with an incompatible rowing machine

Now, it’s time to attach your Quest controllers to your rower handle. The exact way you do this will depend on your handle.?

Here you can see how other members use and attach their controllers to the handlebar.

In addition to this, head tracking is coming to HOLOFIT soon which means that you’ll be able to use Freestyle on your rowing machine without the controllers! Your back-and-forth movement on the rowing machine will be synchronized in VR instead!

Freestyle mode without a fitness machine.

If you want to use the Freestyle mode without a fitness machine, check the video below:

Finally, if you have your Oculus Quest and want to give HOLOFIT a try, claim your 7-day free trial!?

Happy rowing!